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Seeking Grad Students and Postdocs

This is just a short note to announce that, thanks to some generous funding at York University, I am recruiting graduate students (MA and PhD) as well as post-docs. I’d like to work with folks on alternative social media, in particular. Methodologically, I tend to use qualitative approaches, such as digital ethnography, software studies, and grounded theory/situational analysis. I am a critical scholar, as well, so I prefer working with people who are actively examining power relations in technical systems.

Grad students, York has two programs I’m affiliated with: Science and Technology Studies and Communication and Culture, a communication and media studies focused program. My understanding is that STS in particular is eager for students, so if you have any background in STS, I would recommend that route. Either way, please do contact me via email (I have a protonmail account, robertwgehl) or find me on the fediverse.

Post-docs, York U has received a very generous grant called Connected Minds which includes many funding opportunities. Contact me if you have some interest there.

Here’s a PDF of my CV if you want to get a sense of my work.

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