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A Survey for Mastodon Developers, Admins, and Users

A quick note: I’m conducting a survey with a colleague of mine, Dr. Diana Zulli. We’re interested in learning from Mastodon developers, admins, and users about “freedom of expression.”

I will post the link to the survey in Mastodon, rather than here. If you use Mastodon, I hope you see it there.

I wanted to note one thing about the survey: we’re offering a small bit of compensation for people’s time (at least, the first 75 or so people – after that, the funding runs out.) Because of where we work, we are using Qualtrics for the survey, and the only real way to compensate people and protect people’s private information is by using Amazon gift cards. We realize you may not share the same values as Amazon. We talked about this problem at length and decided to go ahead with the incentives. If you have interest in doing the survey but no interes in Amazon, you can skip the final questions of the survey.

If you have questions about this survey, hit me up on Mastodon (@robertwgehl@scholar.social) or via the email address listed here.

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