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A Vacation and F-Droid

I’ve not posted for a while. And that’s ok. Why? Because we all need a break. A vacation.

You. You there. You should take a break.

I did. It’s ok. The work will be there later.

A Gentoo penguin frolicking on a beach somewhere

While traveling with family and seeing my friends, I once again relied heavily on a device I begrudgingly have: a mobile phone, in this case a Google Android device. While I work really hard to avoid apps or limit their permissions, I just don’t like having Google anything in my pocket.

And while I have a PinePhone Braveheart edition, it’s just not ready to be my main phone.

So, in the interim, I’m doing something I should have done a while ago: trying out F-Droid, the FOSS collection of Android apps.

I was inspired in part by an interview I had with Félim Whiteley of the Late Night Linux podcast. Whiteley is a well-known de-Googler. The interview will be used as a part of the research for a forthcoming Reboot article I’m working on.

So I guess the vacation wasn’t all vacation, because I found myself mucking about with FOSS, once again. This time on my phone. But, hey, that’s the FOSS Academic Lifestyle Dream for you. I can’t turn it off easily.

More posts soon!

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