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FOSS Finds, StoryCorps Edition

This month’s FOSS finds: I was listening to NPR (which makes sense since I drive an electric car and I am a communist) and StoryCorps came on. I usually hear it while dropping my kid off at school, and it’s always a conversation-starter between us. It has been for years. Which got me to thinking: the StoryCorps project must have a lot of archived recordings of their oral history.

Indeed, they do. They’ve been doing oral history for 20 years now.

Which got me to thinking: if StoryCorps has been around for 20 years, they must have done an interview or two about FOSS.

Indeed, they have.

So the FOSS find this time are a few citations of those interviews. I haven’t had a chance to listen to them yet, so these abstracts will be from the StoryCorps site. I will listen to them soon, because I wonder if they can supplement my Goal 2 book project research. I’m conducting interviews of my own, but the more voices, the better, yeah?

Read on to see the ones I found in a few minutes of searching. Feel free to suggest more such interviews!

Agarwal, Ammar. 2020. Ammar Agarwal - Computer Programming Interview Interview by Luke. Audio.

ABSTRACT: “I interview Ammar Agarwal and ask questions related to computer programming.”

Beda, Joe. 2021. Joe Beda on open source as a positive sum game Interview by Amanda Casari and Julia Ferraioli. Audio.

“Joe Beda shares with Julia and Amanda about his multigenerational family history with computers, his changing experience with open source since submitting the first commit to Kubernetes, and how the future of open source contains both ‘danger and opportunity’.”

Goddy, Samson. 2021. Samson Goddy on the power of centering open source on community needs Interview by Amanda Casari. Audio.

“Samson talks with Amanda about his lifelong journey in open source, why growing a culture of sharing is so important, and how his early experiences influenced where and how he has directed his energy into re-centering the nexus of open source.”

Hashman, Elana, and Amanda Casari. 2022. Elana Hashman on the evolution of open source.Audio.

“Elana Hashman recounts her first contribution to open source, the ecosystem’s potential, how norms have changed over the years, and what keeps her involved and contributing.”

Keith-Magee, Russell. 2021. Open Source Stories with Russell Keith-Magee Interview by Julia Ferraioli. Audio.

“Russell talks with julia about his open source origin story, how he became involved in his first project, and what he sees as current issues with maintainership in open source.”

Patterson, Aaron. 2021. Aaron Patterson, Amanda Casari, and Julia Ferraioli Interview by Amanda Casari and Julia Ferraioli. Audio.

“Aaron Patterson talks with Julia and Amanda about installing Linux for the first time, the story behind first patch, initial hesitancy around forking, and shares some advice for fellow programmers. Features plenty of bad puns from everyone.

Transcript: https://www.opensourcestories.org/stories/2021/aaron-patterson/”

Steenhout, Nicolas. 2022. Nicolas Steenhout explores the intersection of accessibility and open source Interview by Julia Ferraioli and Amanda Casari. Audio.

“Nic Steenhout recounts how barriers to access led him to getting involved in the open source community, reflects on challenges that accessibility advocates face in the ecosystem, and gives some advice to projects on how to prove their commitment to accessibility.

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