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A few months ago, I wrote about the possibility of the Association on Internet Researchers running their own Mastodon instance. I discussed the major concerns the organization had about running such an instance, and the direction the project is heading.

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I’m excited to announce that AOIR.social is going to happen. In fact, it’s live right now, but we’re not actively signing up AOIR members just yet. First, we’re going to let our volunteer moderators join to learn the tooling (and the tooting).

And I have to do some work on preemptively blocking instances that don’t share our values.

Oh, and we have to finalize our Code of Conduct (both for the Mastodon instance and for the organization as a whole).

And I want to investigate signing the Mastodon Server Covenant. (I want this to be a respectable part of the fediverse, after all).

There’s probably more that I’m not thinking about, but in any case… it’s happening, people!

So, lots to do! Stay tuned, AOIRfriends!

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