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A quick note to any readers in GDPR regulated areas: I’m in the USA, and I don’t really do business in Europe. I don’t really do business anywhere, to be honest. Anyway, I also really respect privacy concerns. So, in the interest of transparency, I want to note that I use a Statcounter script to help track traffic to this blog.

You can see the Javascript in the page source for the blog, and I’ve also made the stats public (marvel at my traffic!).

If you block Javascript, I not only don’t mind, nothing should change for you. The site will function just fine with Javascript blocked.

Edit on March 20: Oops! I forgot about Javascript from Heroku, enabling Staticman comments. I was reminded of this when I got a comment from a reader. If you block Javascript, you may have trouble commenting on posts. Those of you using the Noscript extension for Firefox (an extension I really love, by the way), you can give temporary permission to a script from fossacademic.herokuapp.com if you want to comment.

My call is still out: if you have a better way to get basic traffic data for a Github.io-hosted static Jekyll blog, let me know in the comments or via Mastodon (@robertwgehl@scholar.social).

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