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A Lost Weekend of Lost Posts

Sometimes, the FOSS Academic Lifestyle Dream can hurt you.

I spent the weekend installing Manjaro on a laptop. I’m starting to really like Manjaro after years of using Debian-based things like Ubuntu and Mint. I know using Manjaro doesn’t really allow me to say “I use Arch btw” but it’s really fun, nonetheless.

Manjaro Linux Logo

I used my Manjaro box to write up a post for the blog, but then I had the bright idea of trying to install a second OS on it, I borked it, and then re-installed… losing the post I wrote. Ah, well. Such is FALD life.

I have Manjaro up and running (with MATE, of course), though – I’m starting to think it could be my next working distro.

[That said, I’m writing this on an Ubuntu box.]

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