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Sudo Install Dark Mode

Just a short post to note I have succumbed to the dark side.

This whole pandemic has increased the amount of screen time we all endure, and I’ve increasingly recognized that dark modes feel better on my eyes. I started using the Dark Reader extension in Firefox to invert colors, and I set Mate to a dark theme on all my devices. After a few weeks of this, I realized that I liked the look of FOSS Academic when it was rendered using Dark Reader.

So, using the magic of SASS – I am loving SASS! – I changed a couple variables and BOOM! We’re doing FOSS after dark like were Joe, Félim, Graham, and Will.

If you see any issues with the styling, let me know in the comments. I still have to style the comments – I’ll get to it someday – but in the meantime, enjoy the dark.

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