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September update

I took a bit more time off, at least from this blog, but it’s late September and I really should be back in school. And I am. Classes just started up at LaTech, and with them my attention turns to reading and writing about FOSS.

One thing I have done in the intervening past few weeks is publish another post to The Reboot, this time focusing on the state of FOSS phones. I had the pleasure of talking to Ioana Luncheon of Fairphone, Lukasz Erecinski of PINE64, and Félim Whiteley of Late Night Linux.

I’ve also been digging into the Ethical Source movement, which is producing a new version of the Hippocratic License for software projects.

And, I’ve been steadily working on a co-authored paper on Mastodon, the federated social networking site.

So, a lot going on, and a lot more to come!

In fact, I’m getting ever closer to revealing my Goal 2: Book Project on the blog. I want to blog out my progress openly. To do that, of course, I’ll have to clarify my project!

Oh, and other stuff on the to-do list includes figuring out a new commenting system, since Staticman is no longer working.

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