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FOSS Finds, Content Moderation webinar

A short FOSS Finds this time, but it contains something worth watching out for.

This week I attended a web seminar run by Darius Kazemi (creator of the Hometown fork of Mastodon), Kat Lo, a community moderator, and Aaron Huslage, a computer security professional. It was about Trust and Safety on the fediverse. The event was sponsored by Darius’s employer, Meedan.

I believe the webinar (or a version of it) will be available in video form. I will watch for it and post an update here when I see a link. For now, if you’re interested in content moderation, I’d strongly recommend watching out for a video version of the webinar – especially because of the Q and A.

The webinar itself was quite a good overview of moderation on the fediverse, talking about blocking, muting and the like, so if you need to know more about that, it’s worth a watch.

But during the Q and A, I heard the most interesting stuff. Darius and others talked about a lot of emerging projects that might be worth investigating. For example, co-op moderation collectives, which would offer their moderation know-how to new fediverse instances. I don’t have specifics here, but this sounds fascinating! Also, Darius talked about forthcoming legal guides to running instances. Again, no specifics yet, but something to watch for. Or, reach out to Darius – he seems really interested in helping others with these issues.

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